Promoted Content

Huyai allows companies within the tourism industry to sponsor and promote their businesses and products across the Huyai platform. Promoted content has higher chances of being discovered by customers.

Geographic & Demographic Targeting

Promoted content can be adjusted to target a specific audience or group of people. Depending on the habits of the visitor they may receive content that is specifically optimized for them.

How Sponsored Content Works On Huyai

3 out of 10 of our search responses are promoted entries. A promoted entry has a higher chance of being seen than other posts. Our articles on Huyai also feature promoted in-article content. As our readers are going through an article they encounter relevant content matching their interests. We try however not to overwhelm our visitors with Ads. Our goal is to have balanced Ad to content ratio.

How much does Huyai Promoted Content cost?

What you spend on Huyai is entirely dependent on you; however, at this point Ads are only open to those with a paid annual plan. The $96 Standard package will give you 3 months of Promoted Content or 50000 impressions -whichever comes first. This can be for your business, experiences or safaris. Thereafter you can choose to increase your budget for paid impressions.