Huyai Tour Booking And Payments Platform

We are building a simple but robust booking and payments platform for travel and safari tours.

A trustworthy and secure platform

With daily reports of data breaches it is important that the responsibility of security and privacy be taken seriously. Huyai provides a platform that is not only PCI compliant but secure.

All transactions happen on secure and encrypted networks using industry standards. It is important that both the traveler and operator be confident of the infrastructure in use.

Huyai does the technological heavy-lifting leaving the tour operator to concentrate on their core business of providing a great experience to travelers.

Transparent charges and payouts

Unlike other platforms Huyai has a transparent model. There is a fixed percentage commission we charge for bookings made through our platform. Operators that are also Paid Members have a rate that is 2.5% less than that of non-members.

We understand the African terrain. We know that some of our operators want remittances in banks while some prefer direct to mobile wallets. We are working with our partners to make sure payouts are handled in a way that is convenient to the operator.

Multiple Payment Options

We know that some travelers prefer to pay through credit cards, some through bank ACH transfers. Our platform handles these preferences. The charges are also transparent to the traveler. Travelers who prefer to pay over installments have also an option to automate the schedule of their payments.