How To Claim Your Page

Huyai as a search platform has bots that scour the internet for tourist attractions, operators and tours in Africa. To make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for we index and curate these attractions and experiences.

We also allow users to upload pictures, reviews and itineraries which may tag or create a reference to new places. If you are an owner of any of the businesses or attractions on our platform you have the ability to claim and manage them. There are two ways to initiate a claim.

Through The Claim Link

Next to the name of the page, click the 3 gray dots, a drop down link will show. Click on it, if you haven’t created an account you will have to create an account.

Claim your page link

Through The Create Page Link

You can also claim a page through the create a page link in your dashboard

  1. Log into your account or create an account
  2. Click on the Create Page button
  3. Type your business’ name, if it is already listed and unclaimed you can hit claim button
    Claim through Create Page Link
  4. Add any documents that might be required

Required Documents

To claim a page you need to provide any of the following

  • A copy of your ID and a business registration or business license bearing the name of the business
  • You can also claim by creating an account with an email that has a domain matching the business. When you create an account we verify your email address

The Review Process

Once you have claimed a page and have added your documents to prove affiliation or ownership our team takes about 24hrs to review your documents.