About verified user accounts

On Huyai, the primary account belongs to an individual. An individual can administer many pages. All claimed pages are linked to an individual account. A blue tick next to a name on Huyai indicates that the user has gone through a process to verify their identity. The blue tick is not an endorsement of the account from Huyai Inc.

How to be verified

It is easy to get verified. When you visit your dashboard on huyai.com, there is a card section that shows your verification status (see picture below)

  • Click the verify button. Depending on different factors you will be asked to provide identification documents. In some instances you might be asked to verify your account using a refundable micro-amount debit from your card. You may also be asked to provide proof of address.
  • Once you upload the required documents, your account status changes to Pending
  • We will review your application and send back our verdict or in some cases we may ask for more documents.