Namibia goes in partial lockdown


From midnight March 27, 2020 to Midnight April 16, 2020, parts of Namibia will be in lockdown as a measure to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the government of Namibia has announced.

In a government press statement shared by the Namib Times, the lockdown has been imposed on the Khomas and Erongo regions, including Okahandja and Rehoboth and residents of these restricted areas are not allowed to leave their homes during this lockdown period, unless to visit pharmacies, food supply stores, courts, banks and for medical reasons.

“Only one person from a household may visit a show for essential goods and services at a time, inside the store, all shoppers must strictly adhere to prescribed social distancing protocols, keeping a distance of or one meter or more from another,” says the government.

Persons exempt from the lockdown include health workers in the public and private sector, emergency personnel, security services as well as all people involved in the production, distribution and supply of goods and food across the agriculture value chain, those in the legal, financial and banking sectors, those in the maintenance of water, power , refuse removal and telecommunication services, those that provide medical and hygiene services,  cleaning services, aircraft cargo handlers, park wardens, media personnel, humanitarian workers as well as engineers.

“Persons who are Namibian citizens will be permitted to enter the country,” said the Namibian government.

“All non-Namibians will not be allowed to enter the country and will be turned back, with exception on humanitarian aid workers and essential or critical services as defined.”

The government added that returning citizens and permanent residents would be subjected to mandatory, supervised quarantine for a period of fourteen days.

Violating of any of the lockdown regulations will be a punishable offense with a penalty of a N$ 5 000 spot fine or arrest.

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