Tanzania Tourism Leverages Technology To Tap Into Chinese Market


Tanzania is building online booking platforms that have the capability to integrate with top Chinese social media platforms. The goal is to tap the Chinese market at the source.

Tanzania’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Mbelwa Kairuki revealed that the platform is meant to give more exposure to Tanzania businesses. The platform will offer advertising and marketing space to business with an added capability to handle translations.

The platform will be able to generate WeChat QR codes that can be shared across platforms for easy connection and reference. WeChat has become the heart of China’s increasingly cashless society and people conduct most of their daily online activities there. Its platform includes text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos, and location sharing.

Other platforms that Tanzania is also targeting are Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ and Tencent Video.

Tanzania has been experiencing sustained growth in its tourism sector, however most of the foreign visits have been from USA and Europe.

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