Folks, There Is No White Genocide In South Africa!


This is a question that has been doing rounds especially in the American media mostly driven by the current White Nationalist rhetoric which has also been given fuel by President Trump. Tour operators that usually do safaris in South Africa have also been inundated by calls from would-be tourists asking the same question.

Folks, there is no genocide in South Africa! There is peace and overwhelming tranquility within the country. Politically there has been talks about the need for land reform. You may remember that  only two and a half decades ago South Africa was under one of the most brutal rule ever experienced man called Apartheid. That rule was perpetrated by white nationalists who through colonial thuggery ended up owning 80% of the land and yet they make up only 9% of the population.

This position is obviously untenable and political leaders in the country have been confronting the land question trying to figure out the best way forward. In all this, are white people being targeted for murder? Between 2016 and 2017, there were 19,016 murders in South Africa, translating into a murder rate of 34.1 per 100,000 people. Police statistics indicate that during the same period, there were 74 farm murders.

To put things into perspective, claiming that there is white genocide in South Africa is equivalent to an African claiming that there is Black genocide in USA by police.

South Africa is a beautiful place with extremely captivating attractions. Don’t miss the opportunity for a serenade because of unfounded alarmism. Would you choose to miss these beautiful places because of an uninformed tweet?

Helicopter View of the Table Mountains in Cape Town
Panoramic grasslands in South Africa
Berlin Waterfall Mpumalanga
Beautiful photo a giraffe in a grassland park in South Africa
Elephants at Kruger National Park
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