My Zimbabwean Brothers, Your Wives Are Dying For A Night Out


A few months ago I was listening to David Jeremiah talking about the four “T”s that a woman needs from her man;  Time, Touch, Talk and Tenderness. Most of us think provision is the biggest responsibility of a husband so we work, work, work and the little free time we have we would rather spend it at the pub with friends than with our partners. Most of the issues we end up having are generally symptoms of this neglect of  the basics. For me, I realised that just spending even one night out in a month with my lady smooths a lot of rough edges on our wheels. I am going to chronicle how one of our cheaper nightout panned. We have had 7 outings so far in 2018.

The Harare Easy Night Out (Budget $41)


Paula’s Place

January is always a stressful month, bills and fees galore so we didn’t have much to spare. I asked her what she would want apart from her favorite  LuvDatChicken , she said something that feels like home-cooked but also exotic. A friend had earlier recommended Paula’s Place which is just a few kilometers out of town, down Samora Machel Ave  past Enterprise Road at Glenara Avenue. The meal was great, the environment kinda quiet. I had the ribs and she got the chicken. Our total cheque –   $28 including drinks.

Pariah State Borrowdale 

She doesn’t drink alcohol, I do occasionally. Harare does have a lot fun places to hang around at night even for those who don’t drink. We tossed a coin and ended up choosing Pariah State in Borrowdale which was great because she could have her capuccino ($3) and brownies ($6) while I downed my favorite Zambezi lager ($4)

Total Cheque – $13

We headed home around 10pm. Along the way we spoke and shared little romantic stories – you know going down memory lane. How things have changed since we had kids, how beautiful she still looks 13 years later.  I have made it a point to take her out for something different once every month so we can connect  and relax.

To us $41 does not come easy but for the sake of our love and marriage we sacrifice. I hope  this helps a few of my brothers, it is the little things that matter – Time, Talk, Touch & Tenderness!

Till next time!

Asante Sana


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